Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville

Exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville leaves more money in the budget for help when they bring their newborns home! In the Greater Jacksonville area we’re very fortunate to have so many choices for birth. Then parent’s come home and exhaustion and isolation set in. Shit gets real! Cue your Postpartum & Infant Doula!

Last night’s meeting at UF Health North was exciting! Jennifer Bettis, a registered nurse at UF Health North Hospital’s Labor & Delivery Department organized and hosted an amazing meet and greet.

First Coast Doulas met with the nurses, obstetricians, and midwives over at the labor and delivery unit located on Jacksonville’s Northside. We collaborated about care for families in our community and toured the facility.

I could write an entire blog series on the differences between hospitals, homebirths, and birth center births, but that is something we can cover in a private one on one birth consult!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Here’s the skinny on what we loved about last night’s meeting. And of course we’re working our way up to the most exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville!

For parents with a low risk healthy pregnancies UF Health North Hospital is definitely a place to schedule a tour! There are twelve spacious rooms all complete with large showers with removable showerheads and magical tubs. Music, flameless candles, essential oil diffusers, squat bars, birth balls, and peanut balls are also available. The birthing person and their baby aren’t separated unless medically necessary or by parent request.

Stay with us till the end because it just keeps getting better!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville Florida | Birth Jax, FL

We were assured that patients are given the choice to move about freely and birth in any position they are comfortable in. In addition there’s no pressure for circumcision. But if your baby boy is having the procedure done it can be done onsite right in the labor and delivery unit. Wireless monitoring is available for many patients and options for pain relief include narcotics like Stadol, spinal block or epidural, and Nitrous OxideThey’re also supportive of those who meet certain criteria and want a trial of labor after a cesarean (TOLAC) and even some twin vaginal births. 

There is an operating room (OR) on site for necessary cesareans!

Clear drapes and gentle cesarean are an option when general anesthesia isn’t used. The birthing person is allowed a birth partner and even a photographer in the room when awake. Mom and baby stay together; baby even rides on mom’s chest to the postpartum recovery room!

Those are amazing things!!

Without further ado we’ve saved the best for last!

As more people are learning about the support of Birth Doulas and Postpartum & Infant Doulas  some decide they don’t want an addition person there for the birth. Others have to decide between spending money for the 8-24 hours that labor and birth can last, a great childbirth education class, or spend it on support when they come home!

Not anymore!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Now expectant parents can plan for a supported birth AND enjoy all the things when they come home too! More sleep, hands on help, accurate breast and bottle feeding advice, yummy snacks, meal prep, emotional support, and companionship! Did I mention more sleep?!

Exciting News for Expectant Parents in Jacksonville, FL

Every person who oversees your care at UF Health North Hospital has taken a Birth Doula training. This means parents birthing at UF North Hospital get great medical care and built in birth doula support comes standard. This is exciting news for expectant parents in Jacksonville! It’s especially exciting for those who want to be prepared for what life will be like after they give birth and bring their babies home!

Not sure what a Postpartum & Infant Doula does? There’s noone better to explain this to you than Jacksonville’s only Postpartum & Infant Doula agency; First Coast Doulas! Get in touch and we’ll schedule up a time to speak with you and your partner by phone!

Happy birth and parenting!


Favorite Things

Favorite Things | Doulas Jacksonville

Favorite Things

Authored by Heather Horrell, wife, mother, blogger at The Horrell House, friend, and doula extraordinaire!

Our Favorite Things?  Holidays and perfect little gifts.  Halloween to New Year’s is a magical time of year! Christmas can especially be a time for our favorite things.  The “Sound of Music” perfectly demonstrated this whimsy that I’ve made a holiday viewing of the classic film a Christmas Eve tradition.

This goes to the moms who’ve had a super special Christmas package 🙂

Sleeping in late

Having breakfast in bed

Coffee with cream

With some sweet gingerbread


So well rested that I could sing

These are a few of my favorite things



Laundry all folded and

Christmas gifts wrapped

Calm for holiday trips

And suitcases packed


Having a friend whose listening ear rings

These are a few of my favorite things


When the babe cries

When its bath time

When I’m feeling sad, I remember “Days are slow, but the years are fast”

Then I don’t feel so bad

Swaddle so perfect

And baby so sweet

Rock and play assembled

Presents under the tree



Warm Peppermint tea my doula brings

These are a few of my favorite things


A shower so hot

A book by the fire

Reading about tots

And world famous choirs



Time for a queen and a meal for a king

These are a few of my favorite things


When I need sleep

When I want food

When I’m feeling sad

I remember my doula and the help that she gives

Then I don’t feel so bad!

If you are expecting a bundle of joy around the holidays and are feeling overwhelmed about everything, contact us today!

Baby Santas are a few of our Favorite Things!
Baby Santas are a few of our Favorite Things!

Happy Holidays!

A Doula for the Second Birth

We get this question all the time:  “What can a doula do for me? I have already had a baby!”  So, why a doula for the second birth (or more!)? Three reasons:

1.)  NO pregnancy, birth, or postpartum period are the same! Your first birth might have been easy peasy, fast, and painless. Or, conversely, it may have been difficult, long, and arduous.  Either way, there’s no way to know or predict how your birth is going to unfold-and either way, a doula is an invaluable addition.

2.)  Now that you have expectations and a baby, you’ll appreciate the extra heart, head, and hands.  Whether a doula for the second birth is helping your partner (support you) or doing some double hip squeezes (while your partner tends to your other child), you can rest and relax knowing that your partner and child are being taken care of, just as you are.

3.)  Your First Coast doula is going to provide at the very least, FOUR hours of postpartum support as part of our belief in the importance of continuity of care! Yep, as a second-time mom, having a birth and postpartum doula support all your parenting goals, who cares that you are getting adequate rest and nutrition, is priceless!

So, if you’re having your second, third, or more, having a doula is always icing on the cake!


Why do I need a Doula?

why do i need a doula in jacksonvile

You are planning everything diligently for your upcoming birth.  You’ve selected your doc or midwife, you’ve packed up on “Preggie Pops”, and you have your perfect pregnancy pillow. But then someone asks you, “Who is your doula?”

My WHAT? So you begin researching doula.  Sounds neat, but why do I need a doula. I have my mother/partner/sister/best friend. What can a doula do that they can’t.  So you ask again, “why do I need a doula?”

You don’t NEED a doula. Nope. You don’t. You have the power to birth and parent that baby all by yourself. But let us ask you-do you need that designer purse? A massage? Or that wonderful hazelnut macchiato (made skinny, half-caf)? No…but, they make life a little better, and in general, much more enjoyable.

We don’t have expectations for your birth and postpartum, except that you feel like you are in control of your experience. We help you get the resources and information that matters to you.  We cheer you on when you make choices that you’re happy with. We comfort you when the sensation of birth becomes intense or when the exhaustion of new motherhood sets in.  We encourage your partner to attune to you and the process as you become a family.  We give him/her tips on how to make birth and parenting a little easier for you all. We strive to keep the atmosphere calm and discourage expectations and judgments of family who are emotionally invested in your choices. We are objective experts in how to help your birth and postpartum be easier, whether that be by massaging your back, reminding you to eat and breathe, or really listening to your fears when things may deviate from your plans. We can’t guarantee outcomes, but we can guarantee unconditional SUPPORT. We are professionals who are passionate about instilling confidence in your family, and making sure you know how powerful and capable you are.

If you’d like to find out more about how First Coast Doulas can support you as you birth and parent, set up a meet and greet with us today!