Placenta Encapsulation; Why in the World?

Placenta Encapsulation; Why?

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Placenta encapsulation is something more and more women are choosing to do. Why? They are hearing stories from friends and family members who have encapsulated and had wonderful results. They have access to the World Wide Web, several social media platforms, and groups to discuss this topic and they sure are glad they do!

But why, why would women want to do placenta encapsulation?

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Women who have ingested their placentas have reported that it has helped them with-

  • increasing energy
  • breastmilk to come in sooner
  • increased breastmilk supply
  • avoiding or lessening the risk of developing postpartum mood issues and the “baby blues”
  • aid in getting the uterus to pre-pregnancy size
  • speed up recovery
  • replenishing lost nutrients and hormones
  • monthly menstrual cycles discomfort
  • with natural pain relief
  • replenishing iron levels
  • reduce or stop postpartum bleeding
  • balancing hormones in menopause

Ask just about anyone who has chosen this natural way to nourish their bodies and you will likely hear testimonies similar to these:

“My placenta capsules have been awesome with energy!”

“I was beyond pleased with the outcome. With my first two children I had heavy bleeding, no milk supply, and battled Postpartum Depression. With my third child I started the placenta pills when he was 5 days old and was floored with my results! My post baby bleeding stopped around 2 weeks, my milk supply came in and I actually have milk to put in the freezer, no PPD in sight, AND the energy boost they gave me helped me kick a terrible coffee habit. I have felt amazingly wonderful post baby and I totally credit it to my placenta pills, if we expand our family again I will hands down purchase this service again!”

This was my 5th birth, but 1st time doing placenta encapsulation. I will definitely will be recommending encapsulation and First Coast Doulas.”

“This is the second time I’ve chosen encapsulation and just like last time I feel great. With my first I had horrible pp bleeding, low milk supply and felt like I was ran over by a truck by week two. Then I struggled with postpartum depression for about eight months. I couldn’t imagine having another baby, the thought made me sad. With our second I decided to have my placenta put into capsules after researching natural ways to heal after having a baby. I paid close to $300, everyone thought I was crazy, I worried I was crazy, but it was worth every penny and more. No problems with energy at all and I had no help after the birth of our second. I was able to breastfeed our son until one without giving any formula and I contribute this to my placenta pills. When we found out we were expecting our third baby my husband started a ‘fund’ for my magic pills and luckily we found First Coast Doulas. I wish I could tell everyone how placenta encapsulation changed my view of having a baby.”


Placenta encapsulation with First Coast Doulas is more than just capsules or a service, it’s an experience! We cater to families who want the best for their families! They know that their safety and happiness is paramount to us!

Get in contact with us today and take the first step toward postpartum happiness!

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What Kind of Person Eats Their Placenta?

What Kind of Person Eats Their Placenta?

What Kind of Person Eats Their Placenta

What kind of person eats their placenta? That is sometimes what people say or think when they hear the term placenta encapsulation. They want to know why in the world someone would ever consume, ingest, or “eat” their placenta.

I think it’s important first to state that those who chose placenta encapsulation are not consuming a raw meat product. They aren’t going at this hunk of meat in an apocalyptic, zombie fashion. Nope, no way! Please erase that picture from your mind, take a deep breath, and let go of any assumptions you might have. They are consuming a finished product, a nice capsule that has been carefully prepared for them in their own kitchen by professionals. The capsules they consume are a unique and natural product that they produced for their baby and for themselves.

This practice has been around for millions of years, but has recently gained attention.

Those choosing First Coast Doulas for their placenta encapsulation experience are choosing the safest encapsulation available on the First Coast. Without any doubts, our clients gain confidence and support along the way.

So let’s get to it! What kind of person eats their placenta?

We have the answer for you here!

The everyday woman chooses this all natural method to help her be the best she can be during her postpartum. The modern mom returning to work from maternity leave in your office wearing heels and toting her designer hand bag. She takes a capsule in the morning before heading off to work and another on her lunch break sitting next to you and you never even knew it.

The hippie in the upstairs apartment who dons Birkenstocks and drinks homemade kombucha, and the hipster at your favorite coffee shop, they both chose to have their placenta dried and put into capsules.

Single and married women, moms who birthed via cesarean section, and women who birthed vaginally, they choose placenta encapsulation every day!

Women who are very private and don’t want to hear any negative comments choose to encapsulate their placenta. On the flip side, women who love to get people talking encapsulate their placenta! Moms of singletons and moms of twins, surrogate moms, and women who conceive via I.V.F. choose to consume their placenta in capsule form!

Your boss at work, your church’s secretary, the Obstetrician who helped deliver your baby, your sister in law, and your neighbor all looked to placenta encapsulation to get them through the early weeks after birth!

The mom who is skeptical about everything, the mom who is all about following the latest trends, and the mom who trusts her instincts over all else.

Women who have had postpartum depression in the past and wanted to do all they can to fight against it the second time around, they chose placenta encapsulation!

Women who have just read of the benefits and want to see if it works, women who just want some extra energy and women who have talked to friends who swear by it, that’s who chooses placenta encapsulation!

So, what kind of person eats their placenta? That’s right, all kinds of people!

I think the better question here is:

What kind of person chooses First Coast Doulas for placenta encapsulation?

The answer:

  • Women who care about their safety and the safety of their families.
  • Women who want to receive a professional, compassionate placenta encapsulation experience, not just another service.
  • Women who want to know where their placenta is at and in what conditions it’s kept at all time.
  • Women who wants to know that the capsules they consume are from their placenta and NOONE else’s! YUCK! #blackmarketplacenta #YUCK!


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