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Professional Services Provided to Families in Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach, Florida as well as St Mary’s and Kingsland Georgia and the Surrounding Areas

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Family Doula Support

Each doula has been professionally trained and was hand selected to provide support to families at a time that matters most!  We’re revolutionizing the way people think about the years surrounding childbirth. Ever heard someone say that they wish they had help with, “all the things” before or after bringing their baby home from the hospital? We fill that gap!

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Childbirth, Parenting, & Sibling Classes

Every parent wants to feel prepred, comfortable and have a satisfying birth experience and that means different things to different people! Our classes are unique to you, private classes. You’ll prepare in a fun and informative way and approach birth, parenting, and your own intimate relationship with confidence. Engaging and informative classes include:

Confident Birth & Parenting, The Prepared Parent, Comfort in Childbirth, Cesarean Prep, The Daddy Doula, Sibling Prep, Preparing Your Nest, and Newborn Care


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Placenta Encapsulation

Imagine an all-natural supplement designed specifically for your body’s unique needs after birth! Placenta encapsulation is the perfect way to help you strengthen your defenses against postpartum troubles! If you’re looking for the safest, most professional placenta encapsulation service in and around the Northeast FL and Southeast GA area, look no further.

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Yoga, Fitness, and Enrichment Classes

First Coast Doulas has an exclusive partnership with Grow Family to bring our community and families with whom we work unique and engaging classes, fitness, and a personal yoga practice to fit their busy lifestyles!

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