You’re a Rock Star Even if Nobody Tells You

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You’re a Rock Star Even if Nobody Tells You

We’ve got to get something off our chests.  It’s a secret that shouldn’t be. It’s something that doesn’t, for some reason, get said enough or only gets said when the “right” conditions are met.  And it’s a shame.

You’re a Rock Star! Yes, YOU!

Birthing a baby and parenting said baby until they run your refrigerator out the door, is hard work no matter what. Even for us folk who seem to be floating on cloud 9 in the best breeze, there are days that are just hard. And you’re a rock star for showing up.  Giving birth to this tiny human is also an incredible feat, no matter the mode of delivery.

Society at large seems to place a higher value on certain types of birth though.

We’ve even noticed that the professionals with whom so many new parents place their trust have demonstrated public preference to birth and are biased in what they deem worthy of public merriment. As care providers and professional support persons in a position of authority, this behavior implicitly ascribes a morality to this value and as such, shames different choices and outcomes. And while it may be unintentional, many parents end up feeling like shit about their birth.


“I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. I did all the things. I took an eight week childbirth class, hired a well-known doula, read articles, and I joined a moms group for women who were and had birthed narturally. In the end it was just me, all alone. Noone cheering me on and telling me, ‘You’re a rock star’, or ‘You rocked your birth’ after a 12 hour labor turned cesarean. I was heart broken, it would have just felt good to know others saw how hard I tried. Instead I felt like I let my doula and closest friends down.”


Our birth experiences shape us, whether we like it or not. How we feel as we enter parenthood matters! Words matter! Hearing, “You’re a rockstar” matters, and not hearing it matters too!

When the most popular doctor, midwife, or doula in town always posts and shares the “best” births on their social media platforms, and you notice that they always say, “Congrats to this Rock Star mama who had an non-medicated vaginal birth” but doesn’t mention the rock star parents who labored for hours and chose to pursue relief via pharmaceuticals, or the parent who chose a cesarean birth from the get-go, it hurts.

We get it.

We hear you.

Having a “natural” birth (which is a misnomer, by the way) is definitely something to be proud of and it is worth celebration. No doubt, at all. But choosing an epidural or opting for cesarean birth is an equally valid choice and one that deserves the same frequency and intensity of accolades.

This isn’t simply a matter of target market or ideal patients/clients on the part of the midwives or other birth professionals in regards to their statements/behavior online and off, because

a). not all of their patients/clients want the same things for their birth that the provider wants

b.) a provider and/or doula shouldn’t necessarily “want” anything other than a healthy, safe, and happy experience and outcome to begin

c.) they are all held in esteem in the greater health community and because of this, have influence and

d.) even if, by some chance, all their clients/patients did want a completely drug-free/intervention-free, vaginal birth, there will always be some who, for their safety and health, cannot and will not birth as originally intended.

The consequences from feeling like one “failed” at birth are very real and entirely damaging.

Not to mention, it isn’t a test to pass. By saving our “You’re a rock star” for specific people, we are effectively setting people up to believe that birth is a test of their abilities and ultimately, of their parental devotion and/or suitability. By always exclusively referring to these “mamas” (another issue for another day), we do a disservice to all those parents who need and want validation and…shared joy in their hard work.  Because let’s be clear here: non-medicated vaginal birth is hard. Medicated vaginal birth is hard. Cesarean birth is hard. Birth is hard.  So what are we saying?

There is no right or wrong way!

YOU’RE A ROCK STAR. With capital letters.  Unequivocally.  All day, every day!

P.S we recommend surrounding yourself with people who will tell you you’re a rock star without any strings. It doesn’t have to be us-we just want nothing more than your fully knowing your power.

Authored by: Heather Horrell and Elizabeth Luke

What’s a Placenta Tincture?

What's a Placenta Tincture? | Jax Placenta | Placenta Encapsulation Jax, FL

What’s a Placenta Tincture?

So you’ve decided on placenta encapsulation to help you heal naturally after you give birth. Now you’re wondering, what’s a placenta tincture and why would I want one? You’ll be taking your placenta capsules for approximately 4-6 weeks after birth. During that time you will be replenishing lost nutrients and hopefully you’ll reap other benefits like increased energy, less mood fluctuations, and a more balanced feeling overall.


“When I opened the jar and there were only 3 placenta capsules felt like crying. I needed there to be more capsules in there. Then, I called Elizabeth and she reminded me about my placenta tincture. Six months after having my daughter I’m still taking my placenta tincture occasionally. I feel much better than I did with my first baby. Completely different experience. I attribute it to my placenta.” Sarah K.


So what’s a placenta tincture?

A tincture, in general is an alcohol extraction of an herb. The alcohol extracts the medicinal constituents of the herb through the process of osmosis, resulting in a concentrated liquid. When First Coast Doulas handcrafts your placenta tincture there are no herbs added only the perfect quantities of your placenta and the highest quality alcohol.


“I have celiac disease, it was nice to be able to buy something and not have to ask, “Is it gluten free?” First Coast Doulas are the only ones that I trust, they’ve thought of every detail.”~ Trisha W.

Why would you want a placenta tincture?

A placenta tincture provides support during the in between period that comes with motherhood, first baby or fifth. The period of time between surviving with a newborn and feeling like you really have a handle on life a bit more. Let’s be honest, life will never be the “same”, and we’re all dealing with our own crazy, but you do find your new normal at some point. It’s that feeling of; wow this seems easier and more enjoyable!

Benefits of a Placenta Tincture Include:

  • Generally speaking tinctures become more potent over time whereas dried powdered supplements begin to lose their potency from the moment they are made.
  • Shelf stable for an extended period when stored away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Liquid there are no pills/capsules to swallow.

After you finish taking your placenta capsules, generally around 6 weeks post-birth, you could begin taking your placenta tincture. A placenta tincture can be taken daily or as needed in times of stress. It can be taken when your menstrual cycle returns for the first time or even monthly as it says, “Hello again”. Weaning from breastfeeding is another huge transitional period where women tend to feel the effects physically, mentally, and certainly emotionally. Your placenta tincture is like your personalized “Rescue Remedy”!


“Through the ups and downs of hormones, introduction of solid food, growth spurts, etc., I feel very off kilter. Not like myself. I’ll become impatient, moody, and irritable. Then I remember that I have a “remedy”- my tincture! Within a day of beginning to take my placenta tincture again, I am happy, I feel good, and I have energy. I’m laughing at my kids’ spills instead of getting frustrated, I’m playing with them and enjoying life and my time with them. The tincture makes me feel like myself again! I wish every postpartum mother would take advantage of this amazing natural “remedy!” Jannine K.

First Coast Doulas certified Postpartum Placenta Specialists are with you every step of the way!

Families we’ve worked with are more than happy to declare their satisfaction with our service and their experience. We talk through the process with you and answer all of your questions thoroughly. Our specialist helps you complete the paperwork, provides a home visit along with a transport kit, and we provide follow up support for a minimum of 3 weeks. First Coast Doulas helps facilitate effective communicate with your healthcare team about your choice to encapsulate.

Providing compassionate care while upholding your privacy, First Coast Doulas makes placenta encapsulation an experience you will look back on and cherish forever!  We’re Jacksonville’s safest, most professional provider of placenta encapsulation services and our No Doubt Guarantee guarantees that!

Do you want to learn more about placenta encapsulation or get prices? Maybe you’re ready to book? Contact us today and experience what families all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia are talking enjoying!

Private Childbirth Classes


private childbirth classes | Jax FL | Best Birth Classes in Jax., FL

Private Childbirth Classes

Considering private childbirth classes means you’re a dynamic individual!

When preparing for birth it’s much easier to know what you want when you are aware of what is available to you. You need an educator that is as forward-thinking as you are. Someone that can lay out all of your options, knows the ins and outs of the local birthing facilities, and presents the information in a way that allows you to explore what is best for you and your family. That’s exactly what you get with First Coast Doulas!

When attending Family 1st Private Birthing Classes with First Coast Doulas you can expect to learn about:

  • pregnancy & common ailments during
  • the stages of labor & birth
  • comfort measures
  • your rights
  • how to navigate labor in a way that works best for you in the moment
  • the physiological process of birth

You’ll also learn:

  • how to work with your body to feel more comfortable
  • positions that are helpful during birth
  • when those positions are most helpful

What’s better than that?

How about also learning tips and techniques from someone who works intimately with families giving birth and during the first six weeks after birth. Information to prepare you for what you can expect based on your birth choices, and how to care for your postpartum body, are also included.

Family 1st Private Childbirth Classes are the perfect place to explore how you will define a satisfying birth experience.

We provide you with information on un-medicated vaginal birth, various options for pharmacological pain relief including epidurals, and what to expect if you choose or require a cesarean. All the information is presented in an unbiased and judgement free manner. Regardless of your desires for your birth experience, gathering knowledge of the most common options and variations will help you feel prepared should your plans change along the way.

All of this in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your very own home.

Overall, these amazing classes will help you find what works best for you. You will complete your class feeling prepared with tools to navigate the unpredictability and intensity of your baby’s birth. Using research based information and proven techniques, you can expect to feel safer and less fearful of the birthing process. Are you ready to meet your baby?

Authored by Lacey Park agency owner at Chinook City Doulas, serving families in Calgary!


My Funny Menstrual Cup Story

My Funny Menstrual Cup, Jax Placenta Encapsulation

My Funny Menstrual Cup Story

My funny menstrual cup story is an informative blog with a plot twist! My story began with the discovery of this interesting wonder of the World in 2009. Maybe you’ve heard of menstrual cups before, but for many people these cups are a new concept. To my surprise menstrual cups have been around since 1937 and more readily available since the 80’s!

Each month the women’s uterus prepares for a baby. During the months that a baby isn’t developing, the lining of her uterus sheds and brings about menstruation. To think, human existence relies on this… mind blown!

My first thought, “Why haven’t I heard of these before?”

Cue my next thoughts…

How does that work? How messy are they to use? And, finally, why didn’t my mom or friends tell me about this sooner? Why aren’t the Black Eyed Peas singing about these ‘Lovely Lady Cups?’ I felt cheated to say the least.

My research truned up a plethora of information. We’ve included some great links in this blog to help you decide if or which cup is best for you, but let’s be honest, you came to laugh at my funny menstrual cup story!

Wait for it…

The possibility of dropping it in a toilet, especially a public toilet, crossed my mind, but eventually I made my purchase and waited…you know, a whole two days! Amazon prime, free two day shipping for the win! The day came that and I anxiously opened the package and admired the simple design.

I had to try it out… yeah when my cycle returns. So, again I wait…

At last the day came. I read and followed the recommendations in the insert. It took a hot minute to get the hang of getting it seated correctly. I now know this is pretty common until you get the hang of it. Ha, there’s something I never thought I’d say, or blog to the world about!

Once placed it wasn’t much different than a tampon. A little bit of leakage on the first insert each month, but not much at all. I found that by running my finger around the rim inside it helps to form a better seal and avoid leaks. Some say a deep squat helps to seal it.

How long can I really wear this thing before I need to empty it? I know what the recommendations say, but come on; surely it will fill up quick! Nope, not at all. I empty it three times a day and it’s never nearly as full as I imagine it will be.

Over the next few months I utilized this amazing cup without any issues, whatsoever, until early one morning…

Warning: What I am about to share with you may be T.M.I. for some, but it could save you from the absolute disgust and possible mental anguish I experienced. Ok, you’ve been warned!

Half asleep I got up, sun still beneath the horizon and stumbled to the bathroom to pee.

Since the cup felt like it was sliding down a little I knew it need to be emptied. I grabbed the tip, squeezed to break the seal and pulled it out gently. In one easy pulling down motion the slippery little sucker slide out, emptied itself as it jumped right out of my hand and down into the toilet!

Oh shit! Now what?!?!

I stood up, flipped the light on, and looked in the toilet in horror now wide awake. I bent down closer and peered into the toilet frantically and could not see it at all. The water wasn’t just clean, funky toilet water. As you can probably imagine without much details given it was difficult, no it was impossible to see this silicone menstrual cup that’s rather translucent.

Side note; Damn I should have opted for the purple Mooncup.

Worried the cup would go down and get stuck in the plumbing and cause issues, I did the unthinkable. I reached in. Oh, yeah, I confess! I’ve dealt with the funkiest of funk, I have kids after all, but this this menstrual catastrophe freaked me out in more than one way.

To think, I laughed at the section in the insert about emptying in the shower. I wrote that idea off and I thought, ain’t nobody got time for that! Ladies, the alternative is this, and this is gross.

Think that is shocking?

Imagine the despair I felt when I couldn’t find it. Just gone! Nowhere to be found. Not in the toilet, nor on the floor, I was not dreaming, it was poof just gone. Disappearing menstrual cup, they didn’t mention this little tid-bit of information when I read the insert. Where could it have gone? I grabbed a glove, threw it on, and reached in again. I cringed as the water went into the top of the glove. Why?!?!?

I could not believe this was my life at that very moment. It was not there, I have NO answer as to where the Houdini cup went. I mean, doesn’t one have to flush the toilet for it to go down?

Scrubbing my hands in disbelief, like a mad woman. I start thinking about how I will explain this to my husband.

Then I think, I wonder if anyone else I know has had this happen to them. I reached out to some of my lady friends who have been using these cups for a while, because unlike me they knew about this wonder of the world. As it turns out several of them have dropped their menstrual cup in the toilet too.

Hello! There is a club for all of us menstrual cup losers! Ha, see what I did there!

They however found theirs. Some tossed it, others washed and boiled it to sanitize. This was not my luck today. So, what do I do? Imagine the look on the plumbers face if I have to explain this to him. Yeah, not happening.

Before telling my husband I decide I should go to the store and get a kit so he can pull the toilet up and retrieve the cup before it causes problems further down the sewage line.

I put a note on the toilet that said, “Do not flush.”

Low and behold as I return home he’s coming out of said bathroom and asks me what happened. To which I re-lived every single detail. I then told him I felt very bad about it and showed him the supplies I went to two stores to get.

He laughed!

He laughed and then he asked me how bad I wanted it back. I wasn’t sure I wanted it back, but I didn’t want it to mess up the plumbing. He had himself a nice laugh as he walked to the bathroom, and then he flushed it. Yep, he flushed my cup. I wanted to cry. Surely this would force it further into the pipes, right? He explained after he stopped laughing that the sewage pipes are 4 inches in diameter and that flushing it would cause no harm.

Looks like I panicked for nothing!  I am persistent and loved my cup so much that I went on to buy another Diva cup and a less expensive cup called the Mooncup and I love both equally.

Do you have any funny or slightly weird menstrual cup stories to share? If you do and you dare to share we would love to hear from you!

I wish knew about the cup sooner because it’s possible that:

  • I wouldn’t have worried about toxic shock syndrome.
  • I would have saved thousands of dollars on my monthly cycle.
  • I would have made less negative impact on our Earth.

It’s also quite possible that someone may have just warned me to hold onto the slippery sucker in the wee morning hours. Even better, just empty in the shower in the morning!

Authored by Elizabeth Luke, owner of First Coast Doulas, serving families in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas

This video uses an anatomical model to show you how to insert and remove your menstrual cup.

Here are some links to help you in your search for the perfect menstrual cup or two!

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