How to Show Support Through Pregnancy Loss

How to Show Support Through Pregnancy Loss Jacksonville Florida

1 in 4 Women Will Experience Infant & Pregnancy Loss

At some point in life you’ll find yourself wondering how to support someone you care about whose grieving an infant or pregnancy loss. Perhaps it’s you who’s lost a baby and you’re wondering; what sorts of feelings are normal, and what you should share and expect from others during this time. What happens when someone you know is pregnant and they lose their baby, be it 2 weeks or 30 weeks gestation? Losing one of the greatest gifts anyone can be blessed with hurts. Parents will grieve and they’ll need support whether they say so or not.

Life moves on. Meanwhile their life seems to stands still.

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.

First Coast Doulas supports families as they bring their babies home and many who never get that chance. We receive more messages and phone calls than you could imagine. People reach out for support and to talk about their loss. We talk with them about what they’re experiencing and about being as comfortable as possible through this difficult time. We also discuss what they might expect next and how their loved ones can support them best.

It’s crystal clear that more people want to know how to support those they care about during pregnancy loss, they just aren’t always sure how.

First, you must understand that supporting others through a loss can pull at your heart strings and may feel awkward.

Imagine how hard it must be for them, they’ve lost their baby. We can do hard things. It will feel terrible and may feel awkward, show your support anyway. Don’t avoid the parents, embrace them. Be prepared to support them in a way that is best for them, not always what you might want. Each loss is different, unique, and tragic. Each baby is special.

Be present for them, even in silence.

Words aren’t always necessary. A silent supporter lets the parents talk, cry, or share any range of feelings they’re experiencing without interjecting their own perception or thoughts. You might make her a glass of warm tea and just be there by her side and acknowledge how much it sucks. There is no need to try and cheer her or fix her. Perhaps you stop by and lend a hand to the partner who is out doing some yard work, little to no words are necessary in this arena. Drop a card in the mail and include a gift card for dinner.

How to Show Support Through Pregnancy Loss Jax FL | Newborn Jax FL

Talk about their baby, use their baby’s name.

It doesn’t matter how pregnant she was. This little one means everything to its parents. Ask them if they’ve given their baby a name, even if they didn’t know the sex of their baby a name is beautiful way to honor and remember them. When our grandmothers pass away we talk about them and we use their names. We keep their name and spirit alive that way. You can do the same and the parents may appreciate that someone else remembers their baby too!

Do not expect them to celebrate your pregnancy or birth.

Even if this is your best friend, do not expect anything from her during this time. If she does attend your baby shower or comes by after your baby is born to congratulate you, please acknowledge that you know this is difficult for her and that you love her and appreciate her for sharing in your joy.

Never put a timeline on someone else’s pain.

Everyone grieves in their own time. There are stages of grief and people don’t always move through them on the same timeline, some move forward while others move backward and forward. Please do not impose your own ideas on when someone should be “over it”, parents are never over it. They just learn to cope and deal better as time passes, but the place they prepared in their hearts for their baby or babies will always exist.

Tears are more than okay.

In fact, it may be very helpful for her to know that her baby was important and matters to more than just her. Even if you aren’t familiar with the grief of losing a child yourself, knowing you are grieving for her loss because you care so much for her is touching and it just feels good to be loved. Human kindness and compassion goes a long way.

Help out in whatever way you can, but be understanding if they say no.

Bring food, or go grocery shopping. Prepare some food for the family. You might offer to walk her dog or help by tidying up a little. Doing some laundry, taking kids to practice or to and from school help lighten the load. Another mom shares that her co-worker remembered her favorite dessert and she dropped it by with some coffee.

Don’t question or judge her choices. Trying to conceive, waiting to try, and timing are all very, very personal, especially after pregnancy loss. She will share when she is ready.

Allow her to grieve in any way she may need to and time to talk about her loss when she is ready.

Be kind with your words to all, you never know what others are going through.

Don’t forget to acknowledge the person’s partner/spouse.

Don’t dismiss someone’s loss because the pregnancy wasn’t planned or because they have other children.

When you are wondering how to show support through pregnancy loss, please avoid anything that starts or includes:

  • Well, at least…
  • Look at it this way…
  • Maybe this pregnancy wasn’t meant to be…
  • God has other plans…

Replace those with:

  • I’m sorry, that sucks…
  • I can see how much you’re hurting…
  • I’ll never understand why babies are taken away…
  • Your hopes and dreams for your baby were crushed, understandably you are disappointed…

We hope this blog is helpful to you and to those you share it with. In the words of Dr. Seuss, “A person is a person, no matter how small!”

Authored by: Elizabeth Luke

Owner and Doula at First Coast Doulas, LLC

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Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body

If this blog poem touches you, please share it with your friends so they can be touched too!


I wrote this poem in honor of all mothers, young and old, new and veteran, with babies here in their arms and babies who are no longer on this Earth.

For mothers of one and mothers of ten.

For those who are confident in themselves and their beauty both internal as well as external and for those who struggle with believing they are beautiful.

For the adoptive mothers and for those who made the selfless decision to  bless another woman with motherhood.

For the surrogate mothers, for the mothers who birthed alone and the mothers who birthed surrounded by support.

For mothers who had cesarean births and mothers who had a vaginal birth, birth is birth.

For the all mothers who have grown and who have changed, for it is not only our physical being that morphs, but also emotional and spiritual.

Life is a journey, you are never the same person today as yesterday, grow, change, and love yourself, for noone can ever love you quite the way you are capable of loving yourself.

To each and every one of you I say, you are beautiful. Your postpartum body is beautiful!

First Coast Doulas wants you to see your beauty, we believe in you even if you lose your confidence. Contact us today and get the support you’ve been searching for!

postpartum body Jacksonville


Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body

By Elizabeth Luke


A softness never felt before,

An empty space once full,

Your hips have spread, and blood is shed,

Nothing is ever quite comparable.


Your eyes bare witness to skin stretched and worn,

It’s your pre-baby body your new motherly body mourns.


Milk drips unapologetically from your breasts, this has never happened before,

You gently grasp them and notice, that they are tender and sore.


The tone and definition that once adorned your arms,

Has slowly been replaced with motherly beauty and charm.


Gazing back in the mirror, a strangers eyes you meet,

A stranger in your skin is the strangest you will meet.


Standing in your postpartum body, you gauge the extent of the transformation,

When suddenly you feel acceptance as you have a revelation.


This stranger soon becomes familiar, a woman you once knew,

A woman whose has grown and stretched to become what she was destined to.


Destine to become a mother, beautiful and true,

In her own postpartum body,

She grew into someone new.


Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body,

You are beautifully and wonderfully made,

Beautiful is your postpartum body,

Please do not be afraid.


Beautiful Is Your Postpartum Body,

It grew,

And it changed,

And it birthed.


Embrace your beautiful postpartum body,

Let your light shine through,

For when you accept what you have become you will be renewed.