Secrets to Having Great Sex When Your Baby Is Nearby

Secrets to Having Great Sex When Your Baby Is Nearby Jax FL | Best Doulas Jax FL

Secrets to Having Great Sex when Your Baby Is Nearby

Are there really secrets to having great sex when your baby is nearby? In the beginning new parents sometimes feel disconnected from sex while others do not skip a beat. Both are completely normal, not everyone is ready to engage in sex again at the same time. As long as you aren’t staying in valley too long or taking risks with your health and body in those early weeks, where you fall on the scale is probably pretty normal! For most parents if you want to have time for sex you have to make time, and get creative! You might be wondering if having sex when your baby is nearby by is even possible, it totally is!

So let’s just get right down to business so you can get down to business! Sex is a normal, healthy part of life. It can give you a release that is healing and helpful. Sex can be centered on your partner with no interest in self-gratification too. Sex is about connection, not always about orgasms and thrills! You can learn so much about yourself and your partner during sex through open communication and a trust.

Secrets to Having Great Sex When Your Baby Is Nearby #1:

Extra Nap or Nap Extended!

Routines and schedules are proven to be beneficial. Sometimes though it’s perfectly healthy to let go of the routine and be “spontaneous”. Let your baby take an extra nap or sleep another hour now and again and engage in some adult activity! It can break up the monotony and create little sparks here and there! Heck maybe even enjoy a glass of wine while you’re at it!

Secrets to Having Great Sex When Your Baby Is Nearby #2:

Room Divider for Room Sharing, not Sex Shaming!

For the room sharing parents, if “All Eyez on Me,” isn’t your thing don’t worry! You don’t need to be Tupac Shakur to feel the “Changes” that parenthood brings! [Cheesy rapper references used] Younger infants have exactly no idea what sex is, no remembrance of their parents bouncing and moaning, and there have been no studies to ever show it will have any effects on them whatsoever.

If your infants tiny eyes are making it hard for you or your partner to disconnect from the rational part of your brains, the neocortex, and slip into the primal, instinctual part of your brain, the Limbic system then a blind fold or room divider are cheap and easy ways to take eyes off your infant and connect with your partner!

Secrets to Having Great Sex When Your Baby Is Nearby #3:

Make Play time, “Playtime”!

As parents we are ALWAYS looking for ways to get a damn shower! Instead of engaging in playtime with your baby today or this hour, why not make shower time double duty?! Put baby in his/her rock n play or bouncer in the bathroom, grab your favorite water proof vibrator, or you know your partner if he/she is home, and jump in the shower! Great sex can happen alone too! A quickie in the shower while your baby plays safely in ear and eye shot from you can be exhilarating as well as refreshing! Double the pleasure!

First Coast Doulas knows you’re human. You have desires, and sometimes no desire! We know what it’s like to need time with your partner, alone! As postpartum doulas we help parents live the healthiest lives possible. Sex is important, kids are important, your marriage or partnership is important, and YOU are important!

At First Coast Doulas our brand is built on the motto, “First Love Yourself,” and we mean it! It’s ok to put your needs and desires first sometimes, your kids will have happier parents because of it; your family will be healthier because you loved yourself first!

Happy birth and parenting from the best doulas in Jax. FL


Becoming A Mom; 10 Terms with New Meaning

Becoming a Mom | Jax FL | Placenta Encapsulation

Becoming A Mom; 10 Terms with New Meaning


Becoming a mom is one of the most rewarding life experiences ever! It is also one of the most challenging ones. There is a saying or quote somewhere that says something like, with great rewards comes great responsibility. Who ever said that must of had children and been referring to their journey as a parent!

So here is a quick list of terms that come to my mind when thinking of becoming a mom!

Bottoms Up

  • Pre-Baby: Reference to tipping one’s alcoholic drink back and finishing it!
  • Post-Baby: Baby sleeping on knees and chest with their bottom in the air; too cute!


  • Pre-Baby: partying
  • Post-Baby: up all night with a baby/toddler who won’t sleep. You’re fairly confident they’ll never sleep solid stretches of time, but you hold out hope that they will because right now it’s all you have; dreams and coffee, yes you have coffee!


  • Pre-Baby: sexy, very nice looking
  • Post-Baby: describing the way your feel as you shed the hormones from pregnancy to postpartum. Along with feeling “hot” women also shed hair, and can experience a range of feelings and emotions.


  • Pre-Baby: an intense feeling of deep affection
  • Post-Baby: knowing what it’s like to have part of your heart walking around outside of your body.


  • Pre-Baby: getting a call from someone, usually in the late night, early morning hours to “hang out” at their place. Usually leading to sex.
  • Post-Baby: Getting called in to take care of the poop diaper. (Thanks honey!)

Sleeping like a baby

  • Pre-Baby: sleeping peacefully
  • Post-Baby: You call BS on the term, “sleeping like a baby”. You realize the term is a complete and utter joke! At least in the early weeks it is. Babies wake often to feed, why not use the term “sleeping like my husband”, Lord knows he is the one sleeping, like really sleeping these days.


  • Pre-Baby: Something you did with your friends to have fun, relieve stress, or to keep up with current fashion trends!
  • Post-Baby: Going out only to buy what you need to survive for a week or two at a time. When done alone it’s like a mini vacation! YAY!

Free or Me Time

  • Pre-Baby: Time each week you have available for extra sleep, meeting up with friends for lunch and a movie, hobbies; basically doing things you love.
  • Post-Baby: Time between feedings, diaper changes, bathing, play-time, appointments, work, cooking, and sleep (the rarest commodity), being the kisser of boo-boos, and all fifty others things moms do on the daily to pee or shower without an audience. Free or me time may include making a quick return phone call to let your best friend know you have survived another month as a new mom. Something you must purpose to do to feel a sense of normal these days.

Taking time for a relaxing bath without kids peering over the bathtub edge, a quiet walk alone, meeting a friend close by for lunch and adult conversation, or getting your nails or hair done are a few ways you can make time for you.

I want you to remember and repeat after me, “to be the best parent I can be it’s important to take time for me!” Getting away, for an hour or a few hours allows you to come back refreshed and ready to be mom again! It may help to think of it as a way to have happier kids!

Date Night

  • Pre-Baby: A fun and exciting night with your honey!
  • Post-Baby: A night with your honey… it can be fun and exciting, but it can and many time does feel awkward, quiet, or seem forced or weird. With practice and intention it can be exciting and anticipated again. Again repeat, “to be the best parent I can be, I have to take time for me!”

Becoming a Mom | Jacksonville, FL | Childbirth Classes

Last, but not least I wanted to make you laugh a little today. After all, if we don’t laugh, some days we’ll cry!


  • Pre-Baby: A dance you did!
  • With Child: The way you walk now, knowingly or unknowingly while sporting a big ‘ole beautiful belly!

I hope this blog post made you smile! Feel free to comment here on the blog with other terms that take on a new meaning after becoming a mom!

I Just Want a Night with My Friends

I Just Want a Night with My Friends

I just want a night with my friends

New moms give so much of themselves. They undergo rapid changes in pregnancy, like no other time in their lives. They carry and birth their babies and care for them around the clock. Feeding, bathing, dressing, comforting, and providing warmth and love to their babies. Running errands, attending appointments, writing out the bills, cooking, cleaning, and the million and one other things moms to on the daily!

Moms give selflessly day in and day out without complaint. Well, most of the time!

Is it too much for a lady to say, without guilt, “I need a break, just for a little while”, “I have 99 problems, but I just want to ignore them all for a couple hours”?


Is it too much for a lady to say, “I need time to be myself, the individual, the person, and not me the maid, cook, referee, nurse, wife and mom? I just want a night with my friends” and actually get it at times?


Remember, better person, better parent!

From one mother to another I know how it feels to need to be you. I know how it feels to not want to adult every single moment of every single day for months on end without a break. I don’t know about you, but I even adult in my sleep! Even if the new you is in shock and not sure how to do “you” when you get the time!  Even if it’s just for 30 minutes!

We would give our right arm to have me time!

Heck most of us would be happy for a bathroom break alone and not having to crawl to the back of our closets and hide behind the clothes to enjoy a phone call from a friend or our dark chocolate in peace.

Taking time for ourselves is important. It allows us to let loose, relax, socialize with other adult humans and come back to everyday life feeling refreshed and recharged! Setting boundaries for ourselves, for others, giving grace and settling goals and rewards, allows us to be the best me we can be! When our kiddos and spouses push our buttons we are better able to remain calm and focused when we are refreshed!

Ladies, your brilliance amazes us, you are inspirational!

We have designed a package to give you back your time! The First Coast Doulas Ladies Night In Package!

Time so you can enjoy a night with your closest friends! To feel like yourself, to talk girl talk, to laugh, vent, and if you cry you’ll have a shoulder or two to cry on. After all friends are there for good times, bad times, in between times, and all those other times!

This package makes the perfect gift for husbands, best friends, or grandparents to give a new mom!!! Contact us today and get your Ladies Night In on the books and start dreaming about your night!


How to Sleep with A Newborn; We Have A Package for That!

How to Sleep with A Newborn; We Have A Package for That!

how to sleep with a newborn jacksonville florida

Life with a newborn can be crazy, beautiful, and oh so exhausting. Someone I know, Chelsea, once said, “I made it by on long blinks! Just kidding” It’s incredible how very little sleep the human body can operate on, but that’s no way to operate! Parents need rest to feel their best and to be able to function with a clear head.

Sleep and babies aren’t always something that goes hand in hand and many families think sleep, rest, and relaxation are things they have to sacrifice until their babies are much older. That is one option.

Another option is to take shifts. I know that doesn’t always work when one parent is the bread winner or both have to be up early to work.

Some parents call in the reinforcement of grandparents! Gotta love ’em! I know we do, but some of our clients have reservations. We get it and respect that!

You’re not alone!

One group of parents we talked to said their parents are clueless as to what “wearing a baby” means or what changing baby diapers consists of today. Being a grandparent should be fun, random, and not come with lots of obligations of babysitting.

We get it!

That’s why we created another option. Created by parents, for new parents with balance in mind. First Coast Doulas offers an R&R package. R&R is an abbreviation for rest and relaxation and this yummy package does not disappoint!

Grandparents love gifting this package to their kids! They love their kids and want them to sleep well, be happy, have a great marriage, and raise happy babies.

So, the next time you or someone you know are trying to figure out how to sleep with a newborn, remember First Coast Doulas R&R Package!

Have the best of it all; your baby, your rest, and your sanity!

It’s amazing what a little R&R can do for you!

Curious what the R&R Package includes? Contact us and let’s talk!


how to sleep with a newborn jacksonville florida