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As you prepare to give birth and bring your baby home First Coast Doulas helps you sort through the myriad of choices you’ll make and the feelings you’ll experience. With our team by your side you’ll feel more confident, rested, and supported as you make this huge transition! A healthy you is of utmost importance and First Coast Doulas believes the rewards of taking care of yourself will bless you and your family for years to come. We’re excited to focus on what you’ve been ever so patiently, or painstakingly waiting for; your baby to be here!

First Coast Doulas focuses on happy and healthy family bonds. Contact us today and allow us to help you prepare for your happily ever after!

Serving families all over Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to compassionately provide an objective perspective to families so they feel supported, secure, and empowered in the myriad of choices they will make during this time in their lives. We will remain in their corner supporting with transparency and helping them reach their goals for birth and parenting in the way that is right for them! We seek to maintain a sustainable business so that we can consistently bring the very best support available to families in our area.

Our Vision

We want each parent to F.L.Y. It is our vision that through support, education, and more positive experiences parents will learn to trust and love themselves first so that their cup runneth over! You can’t serve from an empty cup. ( F.L.Y.= first love yourself)!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple; There is no right or wrong way, only different ways. We support! It’s your family, your birth, your body, and your choice. We support you because this is about you, not us. Support can look a little different from one family to the next, we understand that and support you in the way that is best for you!

Our Promise

First Coast Doulas will provide support without judgement to families with whom we work. We come to them without our own agenda or beliefs. First Coast Doulas are highly trained and understand their role and scope as a professional doula. First Coast Doulas have the desire to serve families in a manner that is consistent with our mission, vision, and philosophy. Providing families with truly non-judgemental, practical support through the childbearing years.

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