Childbirth Classes and Sunroofs

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Childbirth Classes and Sunroofs

Childbirth classes and sunroofs, what do they have in common? Are you pregnant and seeking childbirth classes that are right for you? How do you choose? Is a class really necessary? I’ve shared my story in the past, I’ve had moms tell me it was helpful to them during their search for childbirth classes. Those who had a prior birth end in a way they didn’t anticipate found my story especially helpful.

I’d waited nine long months pregnant with my first.

I lovingly caressed my belly and enjoyed being pregnant (mostly). I couldn’t wait to meet him, hold him, and call him by his name. After 18 hours of labor, when I finally got to hold him in my arms, I just felt… exhausted and empty. Being awake for almost two days mostly without food will do that to you. I was frustrated at the expectations I felt by everyone to see my baby before I was even cleaned up after birth.  My hip felt bruised where he had been bumping against it during our labor.  He wouldn’t latch onto my breast. Then he fell asleep while I wolfed down two hospital-made turkey sandwiches with mayo on top.  Tired was an understatement.

This is how I started parenthood.

Exhausted, but also feeling like I should feel more, because I’d had a “good birth”.

It was a vaginal birth like I had planned for. My care provider was wonderful and respectful. My partner was super supportive and loving, and I had a perfect, precious baby in my arms.  It was good, right?  Everyone else was calling it a “good birth” so it must have been good.

Even after a few hours, when I really did connect and bond with my baby I couldn’t stop staring at him. His little nose, toes and everything about him was perfect. When I was really and truly in love…

I wanted more.

I felt like the classes I had taken still didn’t teach me that birth isn’t only about the outcome. In fact, the childbirth classes I had taken (and that many parents take) focused on “a healthy baby”, as if that were the only thing that mattered.

Of course it matters.

No one honestly thinks to themselves, “I want to have an amazing birth experience at the expense of my baby’s health.” No! We want balance. A healthy mom and baby and a satisfying experience no matter how our babies are born; vaginal or cesarean.

As one mom put it, “Sliding right through my vagina would be great, but if she really needs to use the sunroof that’s cool too.”

Oh, oh, oh, childbirth classes and sunroofs do have something in common!

Our birth experiences are about the choices we have along the way. Even then, it really isn’t about which choices we make, but how we feel about making them. My first birth isn’t the reason I became a doula, but it did change the way I write and recommend childbirth classes.

In my professional experience and in my personal opinion birth classes that are worth it should:

  • Be comprehensive and diverse
  • Cover the anatomy and physiology of birth.
  • Teach strategies to help you work through all the decisions you may face.
  • Help you determine a set role for each person who will be with your during your labor and birth.
  • Cover “natural” and pharmaceutical pain relief options.
  • Help you focus on your goals, but also approach birth with realistic expectations.
  • Teach the importance of choosing a provider and a hospital deliberately and with intention, so that the care you receive will align with your philosophy on birth.

In our classes and in The Prepared Parent Childbirth Classes taught by First Coast Doulas we cover all of those important things. We also cover topics like the importance of a special environment for birth. An environment that leaves a birthing family feeling like they really are the center of the world. That’s another check mark for a great childbirth class!

We know that birth is unpredictable and very often strays, or at least wanders a little from the written plan or idea we try to concrete into our mind.

But birth can also be more, so much more!

It’s not simply about whether or not your baby slides through the birth canal or pops the hatch to be born through the sunroof! You can learn how to have a birth centered on YOU! You’ll truly be prepared for the EXPERIENCE of birth. Even if you don’t get most of what’s on your “birth plan” your birth can still be an experience that helps you position yourself for a rewarding start along your parenting journey.

So whether this is your first baby or your last, from one mom to another—find childbirth classes that TRULY help you plan for the experience of birth!

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This blog was co-authored by Elizabeth Luke, owner of First Coast Doulas and Victoria McCollum, owner of The Virginia Baby Company.

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Victoria McCollum is a doula extraordinaire, Supermom to three amazing boys, and a carbohydrate connoisseur who lives in Fredericksburg with her super handsome soldier.  You can connect with her on Facebook or on Instagram for birth and parenting tips, tricks and updates The Virginia Baby Company serves Northern and Central Virginia, from Arlington to Richmond to Charlottesville.

My Baby Won’t Sleep, What Should I Do?

My Baby Won't Sleep Jax FL | Team Sleep Jax FL

My Baby Won’t Sleep, What Should I Do?

One of the first challenges parents face is how to get better sleep. I get emails daily, “Help! My baby won’t sleep, what should I do?” Healthy sleep habits are important! Sure, “Sleep when baby sleeps” they say! Who are “they” and do they actually have children? That could work for a first baby, but second and third babies means you’re likely being worn thin and your entire house may seem to be ruled by one, or maybe even two tiny humans.

Woah! Put the brakes on!

Parenting is hard enough! Doing it on little to no sleep is unreasonable. No one functions well or to their full potential when they aren’t well rested, including your baby bean! Healthy sleep habits are so important. For you, your children, and for the family unit as a whole. By learning and teaching your infant healthy sleep habits early on you are helping them master a life skill!

What an empowering opportunity that is!

From my baby won’t sleep to my baby is sleeping so much better?!

What a feeling!

Did you google, “My baby won’t sleep, what do I do?” Do you believe your baby should be sleeping longer through the night? Are you set on getting off to a great start early on? Do you just want to get more sleep while one of our team members works with your little one on healthy sleep practices? #TeamSleep_Jax is First Coast Doulas’ sleep solution for families in Jacksonville, Florida.

Team members of Team Sleep Jax are certified postpartum doulas who work with families at night specifically to help them get more sleep.

Team Sleep Jax can:

  • listen to your concerns
  • validate your feelings through this process
  • teach you about safer sleep and more healthy sleep habits
  • show you some techniques and give tips
  • help you establish and implement routine and schedule
  • help you to teach your baby the life skill of sleep

Parents who are”at the end of their rope”, “out of ideas”, or who just want to get their babies and their family off to a great start are putting #TeamSleep_Jax on their home team. Together we’re creating more peaceful bedtimes and burning less midnight oil! If you want to learn more about the First Coast Doulas’ dream team we’d love to hear from you! We are happy to set up a complimentary phone consult to learn more about the challenges you’re facing and to match you with the right sleep package!

my baby won't sleep jax fl | Team Sleep Jax


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April the Giraffe: An Exclusive Interview

April the Giraffe | Jax Placenta | Jax, FL Placenta
April the Giraffe’s Vacation Destination!

April the Giraffe: An Exclusive Interview

We can learn a lot from April the giraffe. Millions watched and waited, and waited some more before some gave up hope on ever seeing April the giraffe give birth. While others came to the conclusion that perhaps April’s pregnancy was a cruel April fool’s Day joke made up by Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. In case you haven’t seen the latest news, it wasn’t.

By the way, joking about pregnancy is never funny, ever!

We thought it might be fun to give April the Giraffe a voice in a mock interview! We hope you enjoy playing along. Full disclosure: at First Coast Doulas we believe in helping others have their own voice heard, but we’re not giraffe translators!

This is totally for laughs, nothing more! Enjoy!


Interviewer: April, thank you for agreeing to do this exclusive interview with First Coast Doulas! You looked so calm throughout this process. Were you nervous?

April the Giraffe: Of course I was nervous! To start with they sorely miscalculated my dates, and I knew it. To all my “fans” this must have seemed like the longest pregnancy in giraffe history. FYI it felt the same way to me.  It’s true what they say every month in pregnancy has approximately 30 days except the last month of pregnancy which has at least 100!

The morning I woke up to them installing a damn “nanny cam” in my stall, all up in my personal space, I about lost it!

Who has time to watch my every move?

Mind your own tits!

Seriously though, what are you humans doing all day? [Said in a serious tone, follow by a brief pause and then a laugh]. 

This was my fourth baby, so I understood what my body was doing when I entered the active phase of labor.

Before active labor all bets are off anyway, but that’s pregnancy 101 stuff!


Interviewer: You’re hilarious April! Did you consider hiring a doula?

April the Giraffe: Listen, this is my life, I can’t make this stuff up! If that humors you I’m glad my life made you smile! I did hire a doula, the best in the area!

Interviewer: What caused her to miss your birth?

April the Giraffe: She didn’t! I hired a post-birth doula. I figured I’d have enough mammals “helping” me give birth; mind you I did all the work! After having my first baby and just getting through the first six weeks, I knew I’d be wise to hire help after giving birth if I were to do it again. I want to feel my best, and enjoy my babies as much as possible!

So I found my doula and made it a priority to hire her.

My post-birth doula has been with us now through three babies. She’s like my BFF, only she has this innate ability to tune into my needs, comforts me, can help through the night when I need rest the most. The babies love her! She has no agenda about what is “best” and she trusts that I know what’s right for my family. She’s a trained professional, but not pushy or judgy at all. She supports and encourages me!! She is the best thing since acacia!

Interviewer: We couldn’t help but notice that you pooped in labor. Were you embarrassed?

April the Giraffe: How did I know that question would come up? You humans seem fixated on poop. I’ll be blunt because I’m sure your readers will appreciate that. Shit happens. When you’re pushing, or “breathing you baby down”, you have absolutely no control of your rectum. Where’s the fecal matter supposed to go?

Look, I think if you’re big enough to mate you’re big enough to know that mammals poop in labor and that is normal!


Interviewer: April, did you eat your placenta, or afterbirth as some refer to it? Was it gross? What was the purpose of eating your placenta? Is that something you would recommend to others? 

April the Giraffe: Yes, I ate it! I also ate the amniotic sac and fluid too! Gross? Well, it didn’t taste like…freedom [April gave me a long, quiet stare with a raised brow….], but it wasn’t gross at all. It helps me have more energy, feel more balanced, and fight off the urge to knock the “nanny cam” off the damn wall! Yes, I for sure recommend it to others. Find someone reputable though; don’t make the catastrophic mistake of having someone pick up your placenta.

Listen, if you’re feeling uneasy remember this; if an herbivore, like myself and my herbivore friends (cows, goats, and gorillas) can eat our own placenta after birth, surely you can swallow up your dried and powdered placenta in capsules!

Easy peasy!

Come on, if the Real Housewives and Kim Kardashian can do it so can you!


Interviewer: April it has been a real pleasure interviewing you! Do you have any advice for our readers?

April the Giraffe: Don’t compare yourselves to others. Don’t worry what others will think. Eat your placenta and hire a postpartum doula! Oh, and take down the “nanny cam”!

Thank you all for playing along! If you have questions about childbirth classes, placenta encapsulation services, or post-birth support we are happy and ready to answer those for you!

Happy Birth & Parenting!

~Elizabeth Luke, owner of First Coast Doulas, LLC

Bringing Home Baby #2, Five Things to Know

Bringing Home Baby #2, jax placenta

Bringing Home Baby #2, Five Things to Know

What’s there to know?

You have done this before.

You are already a parent!


Because you have previous experience you may be a little less nervous about caring for a newborn or the thought of bringing your tiny human home to a busy toddler can be frightening.

First let me tell you, you can do this. You may flounder around to find your routine in the beginning, but after some time, you will begin to adapt. Take a deep breath and remember these 5 things to help you transition into your new role as a parent of not one, but two.

It will appear that your first ‘baby’ is now actually a giant

Your first child, even if they are still a tiny 1 or 2 year old, will look huge when bringing home baby #2. Everything about them will seem big! Their hands, only a few days seemed so small when you held on to them, now engulf those of their sibling’s. Their voice, their scent and their development now seem so far advanced as you are brought back to the quiet whimpers of your newborn. As a labor and postpartum doula, I have heard clients say many times, “no one ever told me they would look so big.” This alone can be a lot to take in.

What worked for one baby may not work for the next

Feeding and sleeping! Getting to know your firstborn’s likes and dislikes when it comes to the essentials is a great accomplishment. You had mastered your first’s routine in only a few months, this second time around is sure to be quicker! If that were the case, how would they keep life interesting? The behavior and personality of one may not be like the second. During times like these, clients have expressed some doubt before discovering the reason one part of their desired routine is not working. Adjustments will need to be made, but you are capable and you will figure out your new normal.

Know your limits

We give and give and give ourselves to little people who turn around and ask for more with one cue or another. While they are incredibly scrumptious, they can be…and are, equally taxing at times. When we are responsible for the lives’ of our future, knowing what we can and cannot handle is crucial. That will look different for every family. Do you need organization in your house? Hiring that out may be what works for you. Does 2 hours a day to yourself help you recharge? Are you a better mother to your children as a working mom? It’s different for every family and it is more than okay to choose to live a way others may not.

Find your person

Talk to a trusted friend regularly, about anything. Allow their encouraging words to sink in and gratefully welcome their help.  When you receive a compliment only say the words, “thank you”. This sounds silly, but it’s important. Don’t brush it off. Don’t couple your ‘thank you’ with a phrase that waters down the compliment you just received. We don’t always receive words that build us up. Postpartum doulas trained to support families with zero agenda are perfect for this role as well. He or she can be your best friend with professional expertise.

Lower your expectations

Hear me on this. Some of the thoughts we have seem so bizarre that we are sure to be the only ones to think them. “When I am bringing home baby #2 will I love her like the first? How can the second one be cute compared to the first? What if she doesn’t fit in with the rest of us?” You are not the only mother to have these thoughts before laying eyes on your new babe and you won’t be the last. Envisioning your bundle to fit right into your family as if you have always known him is a refreshing expectation that can easily be upheld. Expecting the bliss of watching your toddler kiss his little brother in complete adoration to last throughout their childhood years? Well, that’s an expectation to consider holding loosely.

When caring for a child and baby feels like a juggling act you are sure to drop. Come back to these 5 tips, call your doula and remember to take it one day (or even one hour) at a time.


bringing home baby #2, best placenta encapsulation in jax

Author: Whitney Teel, Wilmington Coastal Doulas

Whitney is the owner of Wilmington Coastal Doulas! She holds down the day to day operations and with a compassionate heart and a listening ear she supports couples as they find their confidence and identify with themsleves as self-assured parents! Whitney provides mentorship to doulas who are trained through ProDoula and are working with WC Doulas.

When she’s not slaying the day to day office stuff, building relationships and bridges with people in the community, and supporting her clients you’ll likely find her enjoying time with her own family and close friends! If you’re in the Wilmington, NC area and planning to welcome a baby soon you owe it to yourself to check out all that Wilmington Coastal Doulas has to offer!



What Women Need After Birth Is…

What Women Need After Birth Is…

what women need after birth is, Jax, FL

Elizabeth Luke, owner of First Coast Doulas asked 48 women and 24 men to answer this question, “What women need after birth is  __________.” You might be able to relate to their answers, or they may just catch you off guard and make you go hhmmm.

First Coast Doulas knows the challenges new families face.

Every experience is different and unique. We know that just because things went awry during birth or afterwards once doesn’t mean you are destine to that next go around, there’s support available. Preparing for what possibly lies ahead can mean the difference between feeling supported and having your voice heard versus feeling alone and like you had no say or support in your corner.

Without further ado here are 72 answers to the question, “What women need after birth is __________?


The women who were polled answered the question, “What women need after birth is ___________?”

* number of women with the same answer

  • someone to feed my older kids
  • a laundry fairy *4
  • someone to show me ways to care for and soothe my baby (you can only learn so much from books and videos) *2
  • someone at home with me so I didn’t have to be alone, no one should “have” to be alone after giving birth
  • someone to listen *3
  • food: healthy, warm food
  • two more arms and wine
  • support with breastfeeding
  • someone to care for the baby so I could play with my other children
  • freedom to cry and not get questioned
  • more time off work *5
  • my friends and family to help me without having to ask them *3
  • someone to hold my baby so I could shower *5
  • “a bottle washer I hated washing those damn bottles with a baby in the NICU”
  • someone to help at night, just at night
  • energy to do things *5
  • someone to get the older kids ready for school and do homework with them
  • to hold my baby first *2
  • time to myself, for myself, space
  • sleep *6
  • a pediatrician that understood breastfeeding *2

The men who were polled answered the question, “What women need after birth is____________?”

* number of men with the same answer

pain meds and those ice pack pad things

  • peace and quiet *2
  • food, my wife needed pizza *2, but only 1 said pizza
  • a trophy
  • sleep *5
  • their mother or sister because I didn’t understand any of it
  • time alone with the baby to bond *3
  • their husband *3
  • chocolate
  • more maternity leave *3
  • people around who respect her decisions *2
  • the bed to herself

First Coast Doulas offers services to help you reach your goals for birth and postpartum.

Do you know what a postpartum doula does? Probably not, most people don’t! Do you know what almost every single client we’ve had says? Go ahead take a guess, please!

It’s something along the lines of, “I had no idea this service was available”, or “where were you when I had my first?”

We get calls from women who’ve given birth and most of the time they expected they would bounce back rather quickly and life would be an easy transition. Either because they bounced back with their first, “Marcy and Tina went right back to work and life”, or they just really had no idea of what to expect. After all this is an all new territory, remember every birth is different.

While loved ones and friends get back to their own jobs, lives, and obligations, First Coast Doulas make you their top priority!

First Coast Doulas can support you with latching your baby at birth.

We’re knowledgeable about breastfeeding, helping you care for your newborn, and healing after birth.

We can lay out all the options so you can choose what’s best for you and your baby!

We help create a safe space for women to talk and unload as needed.

We help moms eat healthier snacks, help the family understand what they can do to help, help tidy up a little, and help keep that laundry fairy in check!

First Coast Doulas helps mothers, babies, and partners have an easier transition after birth!

First Coast Placenta is bring love, energy, and healing to women after birth.


Pumping and Breastfeeding On The Fly

Pumping and Breastfeeding On The Fly

Jacksonville Pumping and Breastfeeding On The Fly
Mamava Suite Jax. FL Picture from

First Coast Doulas knows that breast may be best for some while bottle may be best for others. Pumping and breastfeeding on the fly are a necessity!

We support parents all over Jacksonville who need or choose to breastfeed and bottle feed, formula and breastmilk.

Florida law protects a mother’s right to breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

Cover, no cover, it’s what the lactating woman herself feels comfortable with, no one else.

Pumping and breastfeeding on the fly just got a little cozier!

Traveling with a baby in tow is no easy feat. If you’re a breastfeeding or pumping mother you know it’s a little more challenging to be comfortable when out and about while lactating. Whether you are flying cross-country, planning a trip to the zoo, or just doing some shopping at the mall all moms deserve the right to be more comfortable while feeding or pumping milk for babies!

We have some good news for those of you flying into or out of Jax International Airport!

We are fortunate enough to have a  Mamava Suite located right here in Jacksonville. These suites are beautifully designed, totally breastfeeding and pumping friendly, and offer a quiet, private place for women to lactate, relax, and do their thing should they want another option.

Nursing during the newborn stage can sometimes feel awkward at first while mom and baby find their rhythm. Pumping can seem daunting with all the parts, pieces, and funny sounds the pump sometimes make. Let’s not forget there’s rarely an electrical outlet to plug up a pump. A woman’s body can have a difficult time with letdown if she feels unsafe or stressed out. This nursing, pumping, breastfeeding suite helps eliminate some of that stress. Older babies and toddler get easily distracted by things around them and may fight sleep or take twice as long to nurse when surrounded by stimuli. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially a mom on a mission!

Anyone with an older toddler knows that when you’re feeding the baby the toddler makes every attempt to get away with all the things!

Bottom line, women deserve options for feeding babies and being more comfortable no matter where they are!

Complete with table, benches, plugs, and a locking door so your puppy-monkey-baby can’t escape, these suites are amazing! With 32 square foot of space the Mamava Suites are roomy enough for a stroller, luggage, and company. The Mamava Suite is first class all the way.

We have a long way to go in Jacksonville, and in the United States as a whole to make moms more comfortable breastfeeding and pumping breastmilk for babies, but this is an amazing start! These Mamava Suites are located in airports, zoos, arenas, hospitals, schools, malls, and a few other places. We desperately need better options especially in children’s hospitals like Nemours.

When I saw the Mamava Suite in Jacksonville my first thought was this isn’t about isolating breastfeeding moms or hiding what pumping looks like, it’s about families being supported in their choices for their family!

Way to go Mamava!

August is breastfeeding awareness month Vote here for one lucky place to get a lactation suite of their very own. We voted for the Jacksonville Zoo, but you can vote for anywhere!




First Coast Placenta Services, What’s That About?!

placenta capsules jax fl


First Coast Doulas has expanded!

Our professionalism, safe practices, and compassion make us extraordinary! People, including healthcare providers love the way we’re providing placenta encapsulation. This part of First Coast Doulas has grown so much so that we’ve decided to branch into First Coast Placenta! We unveiled at The Prego Expo in Jax. this past Sunday!

placenta capsules jax fl

Have you ever heard of placenta encapsulation?

Yes? No? Well, let me tell you all about it!

After birthing your baby you will also birth your placenta. The placenta is the life sustaining element between yourself and your baby. Many women give very little thought, if any to their placenta. It’s not uncommon to think back on your birth and wonder how you didn’t see it, since after all you birthed it.

Your placenta is discarded as medical waste, used in cosmetic products, and even used in stem cell research. OR it can be used to nourish the mother after birth. Full of nutrients it’s made perfectly by you, for you!

Bizarre I know!

Not only is it not gross or weird at all, but it also makes complete sense if you really think about it!

In very simple terms placenta encapsulation is a process which involves making an all natural supplement from one’s own placenta. The placenta is handled respectfully, and in a safe manner, dried, ground into a powder, and put into capsules. The placenta capsules are made for the woman who grew it, not anyone else. Your capsules last approximately six weeks and after that, if you had a tincture made you can use that to extend the benefits!

PLACENTA SERVICES placenta capsules jacksonville, florida

Benefits Include:

  • lowering the risk or symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety
  • helps boost your milk supply
  • reduces bleeding and helps your body heal faster
  • #1 reported benefit- Energy

How is First Coast Placenta doing things differently?!

First Coast Placenta not only follows the strictest guidelines and highest standards, is dual trained and certified, and upholds our ethical responsibilities, but we also provide an added layer of protection.

First Coast Placenta’s No Doubt Policy guarantees and that the placenta your ingesting (taking into your body by mouth) is yours and noone else’s.

Our clients trust us to handle their placenta with great care, to honor their placenta, and to stay up to date on new information as it becomes available, but we’re the only ones in Jacksonville that can guarantee the placenta our clients ingest is their own because our clients remain in possession of their placenta at all times, every time.

Every encapsulation we do happens in the client’s home only, every time.

When we are hired we meet our clients face to face, provide a transport kit, paperwork, and a way to discuss their decision with their provide. Healthcare workers love the way we are providing this and many our trusting us to handle their placenta encapsulation because they love that we set the highest standards in Jacksonville, Florida.

Your birth team will bag and label your placenta and you don’t have to see it at all, unless you want to, in which case you just ask. You, your partner, mother, or other family member takes your placenta home within 24 hours after birth and put it in the fridge. You contact us and we schedule a time to come to your home to put your placenta into capsules!

Yep, in your own home!

REMEMBER- you can be as involved (view or handle your placenta), or as removed (you don’t have to see it at all) from the process as you wish to be.

Our clients love safety, transparency, and how much thought we put into the experience!

We provide this service to first time moms and fifth time moms alike. Most of our clients are moms that have given birth before. They tell us that this time around they would like help healing and feeling better faster than before and they aren’t writing off placenta capsules for sake of the “weird” factor.

First Coast Placenta has taken the weird right out of it!

We tell all of our clients that these are the non-magic, magical pills! You still need to set yourself up for the best fourth trimester possible. Placenta capsules work best in conjunction with taking care of yourself during those first six weeks after birth.

Placenta encapsulation with First Coast Placenta is affordable and starts at just $250 which can be broken into two payments.

First Coast Placenta bringing love, energy, and healing after birth!

When You’re Expecting Your Second Baby

When You’re Expecting Your Second Baby

When You're Expecting Your Second Baby best doulas in jax

When you’re expecting your second baby things can be different.

Whether you are changing up the nursery or keeping it the same you still want to make this birth special and this baby feel welcomed and in a unique and loving way!

But what are some ways to do that?

Not everyone wants a baby shower, and those who do aren’t always sure what to register or ask for with the second or even third pregnancy. In effort to simplify and enjoy life more many couples are moving away from all the extra things and embracing meaningful experiences. They are being mindful!

Many of our clients decide that doula support and placenta encapsulation services are something they want to budget for with their second baby. Many of them already have the necessities for their baby already and they don’t want the extra clutter around them, especially with two or more kids to care for.

The biggest benefits our clients have reported from taking their placenta pills are;

  • healthy breast milk production
  • more energy
  • faster healing/recovery time

Some of the families we’ve worked with had family and friends that chipped in and purchased gift certificates to help with the once in a lifetime experience they want to have!

First Coast Doulas loves celebrating a new life whether it’s the first or the fifth the dynamics of a family change with each new member. We know it’s a beautiful and fun time and we love being a part of the experiences that will one day be fantastic memories!

Gift certificates for birth doula services and professional placenta encapsulation with First Coast Doulas are a beautiful way to say we love you; we celebrate you, while not cluttering your space!

Gift certificates may be purchased in the amount of $50 or more. To purchase gift certificates contact us. Do you have questions? We have answers!  Check out our Q&A page for some of the most commonly asked questions and answers. We are happy to answer any and all questions you still have.

Contact us today and let’s start planning your perfect postpartum experience!

when you're expecting a second baby best doulas in jax

Placenta Encapsulation; Why in the World?

Placenta Encapsulation; Why?

placenta encapsulation jacksonville florida

Placenta encapsulation is something more and more women are choosing to do. Why? They are hearing stories from friends and family members who have encapsulated and had wonderful results. They have access to the World Wide Web, several social media platforms, and groups to discuss this topic and they sure are glad they do!

But why, why would women want to do placenta encapsulation?

Keep reading!

Women who have ingested their placentas have reported that it has helped them with-

  • increasing energy
  • breastmilk to come in sooner
  • increased breastmilk supply
  • avoiding or lessening the risk of developing postpartum mood issues and the “baby blues”
  • aid in getting the uterus to pre-pregnancy size
  • speed up recovery
  • replenishing lost nutrients and hormones
  • monthly menstrual cycles discomfort
  • with natural pain relief
  • replenishing iron levels
  • reduce or stop postpartum bleeding
  • balancing hormones in menopause

Ask just about anyone who has chosen this natural way to nourish their bodies and you will likely hear testimonies similar to these:

“My placenta capsules have been awesome with energy!”

“I was beyond pleased with the outcome. With my first two children I had heavy bleeding, no milk supply, and battled Postpartum Depression. With my third child I started the placenta pills when he was 5 days old and was floored with my results! My post baby bleeding stopped around 2 weeks, my milk supply came in and I actually have milk to put in the freezer, no PPD in sight, AND the energy boost they gave me helped me kick a terrible coffee habit. I have felt amazingly wonderful post baby and I totally credit it to my placenta pills, if we expand our family again I will hands down purchase this service again!”

This was my 5th birth, but 1st time doing placenta encapsulation. I will definitely will be recommending encapsulation and First Coast Doulas.”

“This is the second time I’ve chosen encapsulation and just like last time I feel great. With my first I had horrible pp bleeding, low milk supply and felt like I was ran over by a truck by week two. Then I struggled with postpartum depression for about eight months. I couldn’t imagine having another baby, the thought made me sad. With our second I decided to have my placenta put into capsules after researching natural ways to heal after having a baby. I paid close to $300, everyone thought I was crazy, I worried I was crazy, but it was worth every penny and more. No problems with energy at all and I had no help after the birth of our second. I was able to breastfeed our son until one without giving any formula and I contribute this to my placenta pills. When we found out we were expecting our third baby my husband started a ‘fund’ for my magic pills and luckily we found First Coast Doulas. I wish I could tell everyone how placenta encapsulation changed my view of having a baby.”


Placenta encapsulation with First Coast Doulas is more than just capsules or a service, it’s an experience! We cater to families who want the best for their families! They know that their safety and happiness is paramount to us!

Get in contact with us today and take the first step toward postpartum happiness!

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Why Would I Want A Doula? Why Wouldn’t I?

Why Would I Want A Doula? Why Wouldn’t I?

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You’re at the park pushing your daughter on the swing and another mom is pushing her son.

“It’s so hot. I’ll be glad when fall gets here,” the woman says to you!

You reply, ” No kidding, I don’t know what I was thinking, being pregnant through the summer sucks!”

“Congratulations! Yeah that’s tough I did that with my last baby, never again,” she responds laughing, “When are you due?”

With an, “I’m over it look” you explain, “Ugh, not for another six weeks!”

“Awe, an October baby, he was born in October,” she says pointing to her son. “Do you have a Doula?”

“No,” you state. “Isn’t that someone who helps you have the baby?”

“No, it’s kind of hard to describe what a Doula is and everything a Doula does,” she shares.

“I have a doctor and my boyfriend and mom will be there,” you say, while wondering why you would ever want a Doula.

She tells you about her experience, “That’s cool, my husband was with me, my midwife and her assistant arrived right as I was about to start pushing. My mom showed up right before he was born, but I was so thankful to have our doula there. Honestly I’m not sure how I would have done it without her, I know one thing, I don’t want to do it again without her, she was a God sent.”

Her cell phone rings. While she takes the call you wonder why anyone would want to have another person in the room when delivering their baby.

The kids run off to play in the mulch under the slide and you take a seat on the bench in the shade. Her call ends and you ask, “What was so great about having a Doula there, was it weird at all? My doctor delivered my baby, my boyfriend was there for that one and it went fine, so why would I want a Doula, no disrespect, I just don’t see the point I guess.”

“No offense taken at all. When I heard about Doulas from a couple of my friends I use to think the same thing. In fact, we hired our Doula on the recommendation of my best friend who also had a Doula and swore she didn’t know why anyone would want to labor without one. Go figure,” she said!

“Well, it’s one of those things that you have no idea you’d ever want until you have one, then you can’t imagine your life without one! Kind of like my story before I had a kid,” she laughed.

You can sort of relate with that so you smile and you laughed with her and she continued, “So, to answer your question; No, not weird at all, she is a professional, she is trained and experienced in supporting families. Several of my friends shared their stories with me about their deliveries, and I’ve had enough strangers tell me terrible stories while I was pregnant to last me a lifetime. Well, the stories from those who had Doulas all bragged about how supported they felt. That spoke volumes over those other stories I heard.” She paused for a moment.

Then, she began again, “our Doula helped me stay focused and calm, she was incredible. She really helped me and my husband in so many ways, ways I can’t even explain to you. She stayed with me when my husband fell asleep on the couch, which I honestly never imagined him doing, but babies come when babies are ready and he worked a double shift the day I labored so, yeah that was nice for both of us. He was able to eat and shower while I had the support I needed during that time. She seemed to know exactly what I needed without having to say a word to her. She gave me direction for labor positions that were effective in moving him down in the birth canal, I felt him drop lower, seriously she knew her stuff! Oh, and she did this hip squeeze thing that I swear I would pay double for next time! She woke my husband as I was about to start pushing. I remember looking up and seeing his face, wrinkled from sleep, and he looked like a deer in headlights,” she laughed.

“Seriously, his face was priceless, like it was me doing the work, what the heck was his deal,” she added.

“My boyfriend and I took a hospital childbirth class, he knows more this time then last time so he better not have that look,” you tell her, in all seriousness!

She shares with you, “Yeah, we took private classes and practiced a ton at home too, but when it came down to it he didn’t know what I needed at that point in my labor. I don’t know if he forgot or what happened. Our Doula gave him suggestions and reminded him of what we learned in the classes, it was awesome! He was awesome, the whole experience was just awesome. Just thinking about it makes me want another baby. You know, if my Doula can be there,” she laughs, but is serious in her tone.

Why would I want a Doula

By now you are interested, but still not sure, “Well, you know my mom had two kids, and she is giving me a hard time about wanting an epidural. I wonder if a Doula could be of any help to me, probably not since I am getting an epidural”.

“You bet,” she says, “my sister hired our Doula, she says she was great and she had an epidural, she had a long labor and because of an emergency with my niece’s heart rate she had to have a cesarean. Her Doula was excellent, she helped explain the process before she went back, helped her with breathing exercises despite not taking classes my sister says they were helpful. The Doula also helped her establish breastfeeding, assisted her with the baby, and even took pictures for them. My sister is already planning for her next baby and says she’ll hire her again.”

“Oh, wow, o.k. I just assumed Doulas were for natural births only. I’m glad I asked, thank you for sharing all of this with me,” you say surprised.

“Nope, our Doula is very professional, she gave us information about risks and benefits for anything we asked about and we made our own decisions she made it very clear that our birth was ours and she supported us in every way no matter what we chose. I know she meant that. I was sold on the idea of hiring a professional Doula before meeting her, but my husband wasn’t. My husband asked her a question, something along the lines of, well, she has me why does she need a Doula? Well, when she told him that even though I know him, loved him, and trusted him, that both of us would be better off with a Sherpa while hiking the Himalayan Mountains, birth is like a marathon, like hiking a mountain and he understood this. She went on to say that a Doula is like a trail guide for birth. I’m telling you she attuned to our needs and knew what to say to get him to open up. That isn’t an easy task with my husband,” she explained.

So your day started out like any other, led to you thinking; why would I want a Doula, and ended with; why wouldn’t I want a Doula!

As you wrapped up your time at the park you ask her if she could give you her Doula’s information. She looks you up on facebook, sends you a link to her Doula’s business page.

You go on to deliver your baby with your boyfriend, mother, and your Doula by your side. You never imagined your birth would go this way, the rest is history!

The evidence for Doulas;

The evidence for Doulas

The importance of Doula support

To have a professional Doula support, coach, and pamper you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period contact First Coast Doulas today and we will set you up with an amazing team!